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My Little Story

Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Isa Ashworth, I'm half English and half Singaporean, have 2 little children (may Allah bless them and all of our children), and I'm currently working as a Doctor in the UK alhamdulillah.


 I've always loved Science and loved teaching it, and I was literally stunned by how amazing the human body was when I studied it during Med-School! Alhamdulillah I graduated with a 1st-Class Honours a few years ago, and now here's an AMAZING opportunity for your child to get a first-row seat and possibly start their own journey inshaAllah! LET'S GO!

Fun fact!: I grew up in Saudi Arabia and even did medical School there before coming to the UK, so I speak Arabic fluently (with a Saudi dialect) alhamdulillah! .. If you are interested in me offering Arabic-themed Science courses or even full Science in Arabic courses do let me know! JazakaAllah kheir

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