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Dec 24, 2023 - Mar 17, 2024

Little Muslim Biologist Course [Ages 8 - 11]

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Our slightly more advanced course on Human and Plant Biology! This course explores the same topics as its sister course, but in GREATER and more INTERESTING depth! EXPLORE the STUNNING world of Biology SubhanaAllah! From the Human Biology of the Heart's ❤️ chambers that organize blood flow, to the Plant Biology of how plants capture sunlight! Let's Reflect on Allah's amazing creation, and learn this science that's important in so many fields! ..Let's EXPLORE! 🦷🧠👁️🌺🍋🌽🧬 This course is taught at approximately the Key Stage 2 level in the UK, and includes select KS2 Science Biology topics as well as going beyond the curriculum! As such, it's GREAT for both school-going and homeschooled children inshaAllah! Attend Live or watch in your own time! Classes will be recorded inshaAllah (video of the instructor), but may include participant audio. This fun 12 week course includes: 1. EYES and the Amazing things we see! 👁️👁️ 2. EARS and the sounds we HEAR! 🎧🎤 3. The NOSE 👃 And the things we SMELL! 🍪☕ 4. The LUNGS and the Air Sacs! 🌬️💨 5. Swallowing and the FOOD PIPE! 🍇🍓 6. THE STOMACH & THE INTESTINES! 🍋🌽 7. The HEART ❤️ And a STETHOSCOPE! 8. MUSCLES; Bouncing, Skipping and all kinds of Movement! 💪🏽 9. The World of PLANTS!🍁🌱 10. FLOWERS And FOOD! 💐🥦 11. TREES, Wood and Mysterious JUNGLES! 🌳🌲🌴 12. Our GROWING Adventure - Let's PLANT TOGETHER🌿! Most Suitable for Ages 8 - 11, although children of all ages welcome!




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