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Dec 24, 2023 - Feb 18, 2024

Little Muslim Engineers Course - [Ages 8 - 11]

  • 57Days
  • 26Steps
  • 5Participants

MARVEL at the amazing creation of Allah through studying the science of Physics! Solids, liquids and gasses... Electricity, light and gravity..and soo much more! This science is crucial to so many other fields subhanaAllah, such as Engineering, Astronomy and Space studies, and even Medicine (like microscopes and X-RAY machines!). LET'S EXPLORE! 🔧🛠️⛏️🔩⚙️🧱🧲💡🔦 This course is aligned with the national Key Stage 2 Science Curriculum in the UK, and specifically teaches select KS2 Science topics that fall within the field of Physics. As such, it's GREAT for both school-going and homeschooled children inshaAllah! Attend Live or watch in your own time! Classes will be recorded inshaAllah (video of the instructor), but may include participant audio. It includes the following lessons: 1. Solid, Liquid & Gas! 💧💨 2. All About MATERIALS! ⛏️🔩 3. MIXING and Separating Mixtures 🧪 4. REVERSIBLE and not so reversible changes! 🍞🥖🥪 5. Forces and Magnets 🧲 6. ELECTRIC Stuff! ⚡ 7. Light, Dark and Shadows! 💡🔦 8. Sound, Volume and Pitch! 🔊 Most suitable for Ages 8 - 11, although children outside this age range welcome too!


Little Muslim Engineers Course [8-11yrs], £40.00/month


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